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Better digestion and absorption rate, provide higher net energy

                       MEGA FAT

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MEGA FAT (Rumen Bypass Fat)



MegaFatTM 701 is the latest generation of rumen bypasses fat powder produced by Pioneerfeed.  One of the greatest challenges for diary producers is to get cattle to consume sufficient amount of energy, especially during the early lactation period.  Energy intake can be maximized by increasing the energy density of the diet.  This is achieved by introducing fat into the total feed diet.


Fat has been shown to provide many benefits for dairy cows during lactation.  The addition of fat not only helps cows to satisfy their energy needs, but also increases milk production, maintains body conditions and improves reproductive performance.


MegaFat-701 Features:


Improve feed conversion rate;

Better digestion and absorption rate, provide higher net energy;

Enhance the immunity of livestock, reduce medicine dosage;

Homogenize with various vegetable oils which have balance essential fatty acid;

Shelf life up to one year.