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By Denkavit


Top Quality Special Diet

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    Denkamix Vitalpect is based on natural ingredients that help stabilise the energy, water and electrolyte balance in young farm animals. It also aids recovery of the gut during or after serious digestive disorders. Denkamix Vitalpect does not immobilise the gut.


Denkamix Vitalpect is made up of:

• substantial amounts of sodium, potassium and chlorine as electrolytes

• dextrose as a source of energy

• sodium bicarbonate for restoring the natural acid-alkaline balance

• a substantial amount of pectin          

• toxin binders

• substances that slow down intestinal peristaltics and passage through the            

        gut encouraging a complete absorption of nutrients.


The quantities of the ingredients have been chosen to optimise water, energy and electrolyte absorption from the gut when Denkamix Vitalpect is used in the prescribed dosage.


Denkamix Vitalpect is highly suitable for rearing calves, pink veal calves and buffalo calves, as well as for lambs, kids, piglets and foals. It has been specially developed for use in milk.


In cases of serious diarrhoea deterioration, make sure they are given sufficient water with electrolytes.

Denkamix Vitalpect aids rapid recovery of the gut and helps it to settle. It has been specially developed for the following situations:

o During or after moderate to serious digestive diarrhoea: in most cases, animals have no fever and their dung is of a homogeneous colour and consistency.

o During or after infectious diarrhoea: animals generally have fever and their faeces is often flaked and can be thin and watery. In these cases, Vitalpect can be given together with medication.


Denkamix Vitalpect


"a special diet food that works rapidly to stop diarrhoea and that aids recovery of the gut"


Instructions for use:

Denkamix Vitalpect can be administered with restricted feeding in the milk in the prescribed concentration until the diarrhoea has cleared. Vitalpect is not a medication, but can be used in addition to any course of treatment.



Dosage is the same for all animals. Denkamix Vitalpect is dissolved in the milk at 45-50°C in a concentration of 25 grams per litre and can be administered as often as required.



• 24 months after production, in sealed packaging, stored in a cool, dry place.



• 5-kg bucket

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